# Token Swap (NOS to BIND)

# Video

For instructions on swapping your NOS (NEP5 tokens on the NEO blockchain) to Compendia's native coin BIND, watch the video below:

# Tutorial

This guide assumes you have access to your NEO wallet in nOS Client.

If you still have an old wallet from nOS Client, or need to import your NEO wallet, check out this guide on importing your old wallet into the new client.

If you hold your tokens on another wallet like Neon or O3, we recommend creating a new wallet on nOS Client and sending your coins there first for the easiest swap process.

  1. Start nOS Client on your desktop. If you don't have nOS Client, you can download it at nos.io.

  2. On nOS Client, Log in to your master wallet, or create a new master wallet.

  3. Go to Key Management and make sure you selected the wallet that contains your NOS.

  4. In Apps, click on nOS ID. You'll be automatically logged in, or asked to create an account. If you need to create an account, do that now.

  5. Once you're logged in, click on Token Swap. You'll be taken to the Settings page where you're asked to configure a Compendia wallet address. We'll create a Compendia wallet now.

  6. Open a browser window in Google Chrome or Firefox and navigate to https://wallet.compendia.org.

  7. Create a new wallet. Enter a name for your wallet and a password to unlock it, then click Create.

  8. Write down your 12 word passphrase. If you ever lose access to your wallet, this passphrase will let you log back in. Anyone with the passphrase can log in to your wallet, so don't share it.

  9. Go ahead and copy the wallet address here before continuing.

  10. Log in to your wallet.

  11. Now go back to nOS Client and paste your Compendia wallet address in the address field. Before clicking save, double check that the address is correct.

  12. If you're certain the address you copied belongs to your new Compendia wallet, click Save.

  13. Click nOS.app in the top left, and click Token Swap.

  14. Make sure you read and understand the disclaimers.

  15. You'll see a Swap button. Click it and approve the transaction.

  16. Wait for the tokens to be swapped. This will take about 30 seconds. Don't close or refresh the window.

  17. If it says the tokens are swapped, then they should show in your Compendia wallet in a few seconds.

  18. If you got an error or the tokens aren't arriving, but your NOS was still sent, click the "Check Pending Swaps" button to try again.

If you're still having issues, report your problem on the Compendia Telegram channel. Don't respond to direct messages. Our staff will never PM you first.

After completing these steps, your tokens are swapped and you can start staking, voting, and using Compendia's features! Join our Telegram community if you'd like to talk to the community, and stay tuned for more tips and tutorials in our video series.